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I had a big crush on this house from the first time I visited it, even though it hadn't been renovated for almost forty years. It was wider than usual and had beautiful ceiling cornices. We decided to rework the layout entirely, moving the kitchen and dining area to the front of the house and having a spacious and extended living room with a garden view. Some of the original cornices that couldn't be kept were carefully copied and reproduced. A very practical storage space with a bench area was created in the hallway. Among my favourites are the blue kitchen and its fluted panels, the internal steel window that brings natural light to the hallway, the cosy dining area facing a coffee bar corner, the wallpaper in the master bedroom, and the children's bedrooms. This project for a French couple with two young children has been a joy to design and a wonderful collaboration. Photo credit Veronica Rodriguez.

A unique living space that reflects my clients' personality
Into interior design Sybille Garnier Le Mene London interior designer Fulham Master bedroom wallpaper to bedroom

Northcote House

A unique living space that reflects my clients' personality
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