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De Nimes' House

Years ago, my clients did significant work in their home, such as renovating the kitchen and creating a large basement floor, but they didn't do much in the living room. After a few years spent in the house, it was time for another makeover. They wanted to solve some issues: lack of storage for coats and shoes, not enough space for the books, a hallway that felt a bit dark, etc. The first decision was to form an opening between the living room and the narrow entrance and to implement a Crittall-style window. A new front door with glazed panes was installed. I took out floor space from the second part of the living room to create cupboards and a bench area on the corridor side. I also designed a large bookcase with a desk and advised on colours, curtains, flooring and a few pieces of furniture to complement the existing ones. The ground floor now looks cohesive with blue accents throughout. Photo credit Veronica Rodriguez Photography.

A unique living space that reflects my clients' personality
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